• Smart Curtains are “Electrically Operated Window Covers” for every day convenience. It guarantees comfortable and efficient operation of all types of curtains in your homes and offices at a mere touch of a button.
Smart Curtains system can be installed in the same place of your existing curtains with an option of retaining your existing curtain.
Smart Curtains are ideal for high curtains or those out of reach and difficult to manage manually.
Smart Curtains can be adjusted manually in the event of a power failure.

Smart Curtains stop automatically after it is fully opened or closed. It can also be stopped mid-way as per your privacy and light requirements.

Smart Curtains prevents dirty fingerprint on your expensive fabric.

Smart Curtains offer flexibility to operate curtains in any direction.
Smart Curtains can manage multiple curtains at a single touch on remote control.
Smart Curtains is a boon for elderly citizens.