Will I need more time to remove Curtains for washing or to fit a new one?
It will take the same time as you need today.
What is needed for operation of Smart Curtains track?
Electric point preferably at any end of the curtain.
If there is no electrical point, what can be done?
We can create a point at the desired location in consultation with you.
What is the electrical load of one curtain track?
Electrical load equivalent to a normal tube light. But the usage will be only during opening and closing and hence the effect on the monthly electricity bill will be insignificant.
Can we use existing curtains on Smart Curtains track?
Yes, if the existing curtains have standard hooks.
What is the approximate time for installation?
About 30 minutes per window/door.
Can we place an order for one curtain track?
Certainly, we value each order.
Do we need any maintenance?
No not needed at all for Smart Curtains track.
Will there be a service back-up?
Yes however we don't face any service issue.
Is the remote with wire or wireless?
Wireless, with 45 Ft range.
What is the maximum size of Curtain and Roller/Roman?
Curtain: Maximum width 36 Ft.
Roman/Roller: Maximum width 16 Ft.
What are the curtain mounting options?
Smart Curtains offer total flexibility to fix….within the window, on the wall and/or on the ceiling.
Can we move Curtain & Roller/Roman manually?
Curtains can be moved manually, but not Roller and Roman.
What is the lead time for supply of Smart Curtain tracks?
Generally less than a week after order confirmation. However, site visit is recommended for exact lead time.